New book looks at Bargate’s history along with the families who ran it

Ralph Ottey
Ralph Ottey

The author of a new book on the history of Boston’s Bargate area thinks the town has ‘diminished’ since family businesses vanished from the town.

Ralph Ottey, along with Boston auctioneer Dudley Bryant, has published the new book Memories of Bargate in Boston, Lincolnshire, following the success of his previous book about the Market Place.

It goes all the way back to the 1800s.

Ralph, 91, spent a number of years of his working life, with businesses all over Boston and a further number of years after retirement with the Chamber of Commerce,

He said: “I think when you are my age, you perhaps think mostly of the better times rather than the bad times, you see things as better than they are - its not true but it seems to be.

“I think they market place and the state of business in Boston and local business has certainly diminished since the fall of the family businesses - which are certainly missing.”

He added: “One lament I have about national companies, is not that national companies don’t play a part in the community, but they certainly cannot fill the void that the local business families used to do.”

The book has been sponsored by a number of local businesses. Is will be on sale at £10 and all proceeds will go local charities and to the upkeep of the Memorial gardens in Wide Bargate.

Ralph will be launching the book with a signing at Johnson’s Garden Centre, on Wainfleet Road, tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday from 10am-4pm.