New dermatology service launch


Patients in Skegness can benefit from an innovative new dermatology service launching in January.

Lincolnshire East Clinical Commissioning Group has been awarded a 
contract to DMC Community Healthcare to provide the service.

Patients in Lincolnshire East CCG will benefit from a consultant-delivered ‘see and treat’ service. DMC will work closely with local GPs and GP practices to ensure the referral process into the service runs smoothly. Patients will benefit from a ‘one-stop service’ with a referral to treatment time of about two-four weeks, including an extensive treatment service.

Hannah King, development and delivery manager for East Lindsey, said: “We hope to take advantage of the latest developments in dermatology, particularly around the use of tele-dermatology - which will include the use smart phones to take photos of certain skin conditions, which can then be sent securely to DMC’s consultant dermatologists for advice and guidance.”

Ravi Iyer, Project Manager, DMC, added: “We are very pleased to be working with Lincolnshire East CCG to launch and deliver the new dermatology service.

“We will be using the latest technology, allied to clinical excellence, to provide a tailor-made and locally-focused service that will 
meet the needs of the CCG, GPs and patients in East Lincolnshire.”