New hobby shop for kids’ charity


Love Shack children’s charity is extending its shop in Boston – with the launch of a new ‘hobby shop’.

The charity, which has branches around the world, was founded by Boston woman Karen Ward to help orphans in Kenya as well as local good causes helping children.

Karen said: “On Sunday we will be having the offical launch of our new Hobby Shop.

“We will be selling books, collectables, traditional toys, vintage items, knitting wool, LPs and jewellery. This will complement our existing shop that already sells clothes, shoes, bags, DVDs, bric-a-brac and household items.”

The shop is being opened by a friend of Love Shack, six-year-old Jeanie Walsh-Dodd, who was born with spina-bifida. Each month Love Shack runs a campaign to support a project in Kenya and a child in Boston.

This month they are raising money to pay for education for a boy, who grew up in a Kenyan slum, to become an immunoligist – and for Jeanie to get a specialised trike.