New Olympic Torch details announced

UPDATED timings for the route of the Olympic Torch when it passes through Boston have been announced.

Fine tuning by the games organisers mean that the torch will be carried through Boston and Wrangle about five minutes later than originally suggested.

The torch will be in the borough on Wednesday, June 27, exactly a month before the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in London.

The first runner will begin carrying the torch along the A52 in Wrangle starting at 2.05pm at the junction with Sea Lane and passing Chapel Lane (2.08pm), Broadgate and Tooley Lane (2.12pm), Mel Marshall Way (2.15pm), Church End (2.19pm) and finishing at the junction with Gowt Bank at 2.20pm. Times are approximate.

Next stop for the convoy is Boston where the runner will set off with the flame along the A16 Spilsby Road from Boston High School at around 2.36pm on Wednesday, June 27, passing Mayfair Gardens (2.38pm), Freiston Road (2.42pm), onto Wide Bargate (2.46pm), past Tawney Street (2.47pm), past Petticoat Lane (2.50pm), into Market Place (2.51pm), over Town Bridge (2.52pm), into High Street (2.53pm), into Bridge Street (2.53pm), into West Street (2.53pm), into A52 Sleaford Road (2.57pm), over the railway lines (2.57pm), past Portland Street (2.57pm), past Frampton Place (2.58pm), past Woodville Road (2.59pm), past Old Mill Court (3.03pm), past South Parade (3.06pm), past Arundel Crescent (3.08pm), finishing on the A1121 Boardsides (3.10pm).

As well as the torch bearers there will be an associated convoy of slow-moving vehicles leaving Wainfleet All Saints on the A52 at 1.53pm to enter Wrangle on the A52 at 2.04pm, leaving Wrangle on the A52 at 2.22pm to enter Boston on the A16 at 2.34pm and leaving Boston on the A1121 Boardsides at 3.15pm, then the A17 bound for Sleaford at 3.24pm.

There may be as many as 14 vehicles in the convoy – including cars, trucks and buses – plus up to eight police motorcycles.