New political alliance says it will tackle issues ‘plaguing’ Boston

Cllr Barrie Pierpoint
Cllr Barrie Pierpoint

Two independent political groups in Boston have come together in a bid to 'mount a strong opposition' to the main political parties in May's local elections.

The Bostonian Independent Group (BiG) and the Blue Revolution Party will join forces ahead of the local elections in May.

They say they aim to tackle some of the key issues which are “plaguing” the town, including fly tipping and anti-social behaviour.

Councillors in the alliance will remain independent, but will work together to “mount a strong opposition” to the political parties on the borough council.

The two groups agreed to the new direction after a meeting in Boston last week.

BiG was formed in February 2018 by former UKIP councillors Anton Dani, Barrie Pierpoint, Brian Rush and Stephen Ball.

Councillor Pierpoint, leader of the BiG, said the group found “common ground” with the Blue Revolution on such things as fly tipping and anti-social behaviour.

“We found a lot of common ground on tackling issues that never seem to get dealt with,” he said.

“We keep reading about those issues and we want to try and do something.”

He added that he felt there was a “frustration” with the traditional party system and that independent councillors offered a different approach.

“People are frustrated with Labour and Conservatives because nothing seems to be happening,” he said.

“We will work with anyone that works for the benefit of the people.”

Meanwhile, Mike Gilbert, spokesperson for the Blue Revolution which was formed in 2017, said the town needed change and that the new alliance will benefit Boston.

“Party politics is undermining our local economy and our community,” he said.

“We need change. We need decent politics for decent people, so that we are able to demand that decisions are made which promote the interests of people and not to preserve the interests of party stability and party self-interest.

“Blue Revolution and BiG promote independent people who want to work for the benefit of Boston.”

The group was formed with the aim of bringing “an end to the party political system”.