New refuse fleet will be ‘all-white’ out on the streets

New refuse fleet
New refuse fleet

A new fleet of refuse vehicles will be taking to the streets next week - and Boston Borough Council staff are hoping they will be ‘all-white’ on their first trip out.

Seven of the new bright-white trucks have been commissioned by the authority, at a cost of £137,000 each, to replace the existing fleet which has been pounding the roads for the last decade.

They are not due to head out on their first rubbish run for a while yet, but some will be out on the streets completing recycling rounds from next wee

According to a council spokesman, the vehicles are more efficient, carry more waste and have been designed to fit down narrow streets in the town where the old trucks were unable to go.

Other features include a function to save fuel and decrease wear on tyres, and advanced health and safety functions.

They will be used to collect all kinds of waste.

A buyer is now being sought for the old vehicles and some interest has already been shown.