New specialist nurses to deal with dementia care

Jodie Barwick
Jodie Barwick

Patients with dementia are getting specialist one-to-one assessment and care thanks to the appointment of two new specialist nurses - in time for September’s World Alzheimer’s Month.

One of those dementia practitioners, Jodie Barwick, is based at Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital.

The new job involves the assessment of every patient admitted to hospital with suspected dementia, ensuring they get the tailored care they require.

Jodie also visits patients on the wards who have been identified with dementia and assesses what support they require. Families and carers are also included.

Jodie said: “I worked with lots of patients who had dementia in my previous role as a healthcare support worker, and thought that I could bring a lot of new ideas and make a difference for dementia patients in this new role.

“You can’t label someone with dementia and expect everyone to be the same and have the same needs, you have to assess individual needs, likes and dislikes and provide support and care which is more tailored.”

Jodie runs afternoon activity sessions for patients where they can mix with other patients, socialise, play games, paint, decorate cakes and listen to music from their era. She encourages patients who are mobile to take a walk with her outside and get some fresh air.

The dementia practitioners also provide wards with donated items such as fiddle blankets and twiddle muffs which are used by patients who are distressed and have been fiddling with their cannulas and IV lines.

The second practitioner will work from Lincoln.