New weapon to fight anti-social behaviour

PEOPLE in Boston have been given a new weapon to use in the fight against anti-social behaviour, as the area has been chosen as one of just four to trial a new Community Trigger scheme.

The initiative will allow residents who have made repeated complaints about anti-social issues, to force action if none has been taken, meaning persistent issues could be tackled in a more timely fashion.

It is aimed at ensuring action is taken by the authorities over allegations of anti-social behaviour.

In normal situations, a person would have to make five complaints to trigger an investigation, but during the trial it will take just three complaints from one person, or from a neighbourhood about the same issue within 12 months. If it can be 
shown no action has been taken, a plan must be put in place to look into the issues or resolve them.

The plan would be drawn up by the mulit-agency Anti-social Behaviour Risk Assessment Conference.

Coun Stephen Woodliffe, Boston Borough Council’s portfolio holder for community safety, said: “We are happy to support this initiative, as it should help curb anti-social behaviour by encouraging the public to report such offences. Hopefully, this new scheme will reduce the number of instances of anti-social behaviour and help strengthen public confidence.”

Boston’s involvement in the project came about following the council’s recent involvement in a number of other initiatives.

Complaints of anti-social behaviour can be made on 01427 67667.