New year brings new life in sticks

Craig, Sharron and their sons are already enjoying life in East Kirkby. Photo by John Crossland.
Craig, Sharron and their sons are already enjoying life in East Kirkby. Photo by John Crossland.

THE new year has brought about a completely new life for one family, who have moved to the area after falling in love with the countryside whilst on holiday.

Sharron Aspden and her family moved to East Kirkby at the end of December from their home town of Accrington, Lancashire.

“We just love the area. We’ve been holidaying in Stickney for the last four years and returning to the same place. It reminded me of the beauty of the French countryside and we just fell for the place,” said Sharron.

The family first selected the area as a camping holiday destination after randomly pointing on a map with a finger.

Wood Farm, in Stickney, was where the finger fell and the family have been visiting ever since.

Sharron and her husband Craig have now taken the plunge and moved to the area after deciding it would be a fantastic place to bring-up their four boys, Sean, 15, Connor, 13, Scott, 13 and Cody, six.

“Where we lived before was very built up and I felt that the move would bring fantastic opportunities for my family.

“It’s just a dream come true and it will be a fantastic new start for us. It all just felt right when my husband found mechanic work here and we thought we should live here.

“He’ll be continuing to do some work in Lancashire but hopefully there will be lots of demand for his trade in this area too,” explained Sharron.

Three of the boys are attending local schools William Lovell CofE Secondary School and Stickney Primary but Sean will be staying in Lancashire with family until he finishes his GCSEs.

Craig will be working as a mobile mechanic, where he can also provide services for tyres and diagnostics.

“My husband will be able to go out and provide mechanic services to lots of rural businesses and places because he is mobile,” added Sharron.