New Year joy for first babies of 2016

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There have been a number of new babies already born in the county in 2016 so far on New Year’s Day (Friday).

At Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital, the first to arrive on the labour ward was little Jessica Isla Wand, at 34 minutes past midnight, weighing in at 6lb 14oz.

A midwife on the maternity ward this morning told The Standard that both baby and mum, Emily, of Donington, were doing well and were hopefully heading home later today after Jessica’s dad had returned from a few hours sleep.

Rachel Brompton of Sleaford gave birth to her first baby, Archie, at 1.48pm this afternoon. He weighed in at 8lb 11oz.

Gulsevim Gunduz of Kirton gave birth to little girl, Elif, shortly beforehand at 1.14pm. She was also her first child and weighed 6lb 15oz.

Finally, Jelena Cwikla of Spalding gave birth to baby boy Tymon at 6.57pm. He weighed in at 7lb 5oz.

At Lincoln County Hospital there had been six babies delivered.

Darren Clawson on the labour ward said they had delivered the first baby in the county at 14 minutes past midnight and mother and baby had already headed home. “We always beat Boston, hands down,” joked Mr Clawson.

There had been three other babies from Lincoln, one from Bassingham and one from Skellingthorpe.