New Year message: Mayor proud to be involved in ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ 2012

Boston Mayor Coun Colin Brotherton
Boston Mayor Coun Colin Brotherton

Boston Mayor Coun Colin Bortherton reflects on an ‘historic’ 2012 for the borough and nation...

I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that we have had an historic year. And I have been very fortunate to have been the Mayor of Boston during such a year.

By historic I am referring to the once-in-a-lifetime events of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics.

Both events came to the borough and will be remembered by all for a long time.

They also demonstrated what tight-knit communities we have and how they can come together in such positive ways.

I have very much enjoyed witnessing this during the year and it has confirmed for me that, despite the negatives we hear, there is much more going on that is positive and many more people of all ages who are community spirited.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations took place in almost every hamlet and village. Some were even focused down to individual streets, where people came together as communities, determined to celebrate together something really special and memorable.

And when the Olympic Torch Relay came to Wrangle and Boston the public response was beyond all our imaginations.

At the end of the year we had the three-day Christmas festival with its parade, lights switch-on and market.

Wonderful people having wonderful times have made the past 12 months magnificent.

In between there have been the smaller, traditional events – regular dates on the calendar, but no less inspirational.

I look forward to more of this in 2013 and continuing confirmation for me that Boston borough is a great place to be.

Happy New Year.

Coun Colin Brotherton

Mayor of Boston