No murder charges in explosion case

NO HOMICIDE charges are to be brought in relation to last year’s explosion, which killed five men and seriously injured another.

The East Midlands Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) confirmed today that there is ‘insufficient evidence’ to justify Lincolnshire Police establishing a murder charge against anyone related to the incident, which was discovered to have involved the illicit production of alcohol in the industrial unit on Broadfield Lane.

A spokesman for the CPS East Midlands said: “The evidence gathered by the police investigation has been reviewed in detail by an experienced senior lawyer from the East Midlands Complex Casework Unit. This evidence does not establish to the criminal standard either the cause of the explosion or the identity of any person responsible.”

The case will now be passed on to HMRC, which will determine if any further investigation is required.

Vaidas Krupenkinas, 39, Ovidijus Mejeris, 26, Laimutis Simkus, 32, Ricardas Gecas, 24, and Erlandas Duzinskas, 18, who were all Lithuanian nationals living in the Peterborough area, were killed in the explosion at an industrial unit on July 13 last year.

A sixth man, also a Lithuanian national, was severely injured and spent several months in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. He has now been released and his condition is believed to have greatly improved.