North Sea Camp prisoners to get greener

PRISONERS at HMP North Sea Camp are aiming to improve their green credentials by getting involved with a scheme to recycle wooden pallets.

Officials at the prison, near Boston, have set up a pallet repair department to fix broken pallets which have been discarded by businesses.

They are now appealing for local businesses to donate their broken pallets for the scheme.

Normally broken pallets have to be fixed by the companies themselves or sent to recycling units where they are broken down for chipping, which can cost up to £45 per tonne.

Pallets which can be repaired will be sold on to a business based in Boston and the remainder will be chopped into fire wood and re-sold. Money from the sales will be used to pay the prisoners’ wages and developing new rehabilitation programmes for inmates.

The project has been set up in line with government plans to increase the work ethic of prisoners.

Paula Capindale, head of learning skills and employment at North Sea Camp, said: “Our scheme reduces the costs to business as well as keeping prisoners employed. This helps prisoners develop a work ethic and helps to reduce the expenditure prisoners have on national and local budgets as well as hopefully reducing waste costs to local businesses.”

Any local business able to donate pallets contact Paula Capindale on 01205 769346 or