NOSTALGIA: Santa swaps sleigh for Model T Ford

Father Christmas arrives in Boston in 1976.
Father Christmas arrives in Boston in 1976.

With just one month to go before Christmas Day, St Nick and his helpers found time to call in at Boston in 1976.

They are pictured here arriving at Oldrids in a Model T Ford.

Also from this week in 1976:

- A ladies’ hairdresser in Boston had to be evacuated after a gas main was fractured during work on the town’s Inner Relief Road.

Seventeen women - many with their hair still wet - had to leave the Ridgeway Salon as a result by the fracture.

It was merely the latest unplanned interruption in utility supplies as a result of the work on the Inner Relief Road.

“There have been a number of occasions where electricity or water has had to be turned off because of an accident or the danger of an accident during the operation itself,” Ted Coleman, from Lincolnshire County Council, confirmed.

- The Standard’s ‘Pop Spot’ feature detailed the best selling singles in the town that week.

At number three was Mississippi by Pussycat, at number two was Under The Moon Of Love by Showaddywaddy, and at number one was If You Leave Me Now by Chicago.

The album chart, accord to Boots’ record department, put Max Bygraves at number one with 100 Golden Greats.

Continuing the golden theme was Glen Campbell at number two with Twenty Golden Greats and Bert Weedon at number three with 22 Golden Guitar Greats.