NOSTALGIA: This week in 1962

This week in 1962.
This week in 1962.

These were some of the 150 children of members of Boston Swimming Club and their friends who attended the club’s annual social in the St Nicholas’ Church Hall this week in 1962.

Also from this week in 1962 ...

Agricultural engineers and tractor dealers had decided to break with tradition and not exhibit at the Boston May Fair of 1962.

To have stands had become ‘uneconomic’, they said.

But borough markets superintendent Charles Hicks was confident that the whole of the revenue from rents of stands in Wide Bargate – between the GPO and Bargate End – would not be lost.

He pointed out that only £300 of the total £1,600 May Far income in 1961 was from exhibitors having stands in this stretch of the town and not all of them were agricultural dealers.

Boston’s Markets Committee chairman Coun R. Nicholson thought the change was a pity because the implements interested a lot of people.

“It is a sign of the times, I suppose,” he said.

After eight months of renovation, Boston Railway Station had a new look.

The Victorian styles had given way to a ‘more sleek 1962 appearance’, The Standard wrote.

The re-vamp had seen the brick walls cleaned and new verandas erected.

A new diesel fuelling plant had also been installed. Beforehand, diesel trains were fuelled from a rail fuel car.