NOSTALGIA: This week in 1987

Beavering away in 1987, Boston's first set of Beavers.
Beavering away in 1987, Boston's first set of Beavers.

Fast food giants McDonalds was to open one of its ‘hamburger restaurants’ in Boston, The Standard reported.

The announcement came after months of rumour and speculation on the future of the Market Place site of the former Kings Cafe and neighbouring Famous Army Stores.

Building work was expected to be completed that summer with the restaurant to open soon after.

Health officials had succeeded in their campaign to persuade headteachers in the Boston area to educate children on the dangers of AIDS.

All but one of the eight secondary school heads in the Boston area told The Standard that they would be introducing the topic into lessons.

It followed a seminar organised by South Lincolnshire Health Authority’s education department about raising awareness of the disease among children.

The Standard reported on the first Beavers to be invested in Boston.

The colony, started in January, was the latest addition to the 3rd Boston (Fishtoft Group).

Introduced to the Scout movement the previous April after a trial period, the Beaver section catered for six-to-eight-year-olds.