November was the second mildest since records began

BOSTON enjoyed the second mildest November on record, according to town weather supremo Albert Kirkham.

With an average maximum temperature of 12.8C (54.6F), it was 3.4C (5.6F) warmer than normal. The lowest average temperature of 6.1C (43.4F) also beat the norm, at 2.8C (5.3F) warmer than the average.

Even the rain was kind to the town last month – the average rainfall was less than half that of previous years at 23.8mm (0.94 inches). More than half of that, 12.9mm (0.51 inches), fell on November 3, which was also the warmest day. The lowest temperature was recorded on November 28, when the mercury dropped to just 0.6C (33F).

It has been one of the driest months in over three decades, with just 14 days of rainfall. However, we had fewer hours of sunshine than normal – 66.7 hours against an average of 74.5 hours.

The sunniest day of the month was November 2.