Obituaries - 29 December 2010

Obituaries published in the Boston Standard, 29th December 2010.

Mrs Christine Overton (Chrissie)

CHRISTINE Overton (Chrissie), of Leodegars Close, Wyberton, has died at Pilgrim Hospital following many years of illness.

She was 65.

Born in Grimsby, she lived in this area her whole life.

A married woman, she is survived by husband Arnold Overton (Chris), daughter Karen McGarry, son Sean Newton, granddaughter Rebecca McGarry, grandsons Adam and Matthew Vinters, brother Richard Staines and step-sons James, David, Christopher and Lee Overton.

She also leaves step-granddaughters Lucie, Bethany, Jodie, Nicole and Kyria Overton and step-grandsons Ryan, Caleb, Jared and Micah Overton.

During her life, Mrs Overton worked as head girl at the Robin Layland showjumping yard, in Oakham, and as a shop assistant at Somerfields, on London Road, until 12 years ago when she retired due to ill health.

She enjoyed showjumping and horses as well as country and western.

She also enjoyed caravanning with New Heyday Caravanners and the Camping and Caravanning Club.

Her funeral took place at Boston Crematorium. The service was officiated by father Charles Sowden.

Chief family mourners were: Arnold Overton (husband), Karen and David McGarry (daughter and son-in-law), Sean Newton (son), Rebecca McGarry and Adam Smith (granddaughter and partner), Adam and Matthew Vinters (grandsons). Richard and Anne Staines (brother and sister-in-law), James and Karen Overton, David and Mandy Overton, Christopher and Sally Overton and Lee and Sandra Overton (step-sons and daughters-in-law), Lucie, Bethany, Jodie, Nicole and Kyria Overton (step-granddaughters), Ryan, Caleb, Jared and Micah Overton (step-grandsons), Alec and Doreen Overton and Stuart and Sheila Overton (brothers-in-law and wives) and Linda and Frank Hitchin (sister-in-law and partner).

Unable to attend: Rowland and Joan Overton (brother-in-law and wife).

Arrangements by F.E.Addlesee and son.

Mr Charles Doughty (Charlie)

CHARLES Doughty (Charlie), of Kingsway, Boston, has died following an illness.

He was 76.

Born in Boston, he lived in this area all his life.

A married man, he is survived by wife Pamela, sons Paul and Neil, daughters Carol and Suzanne and sisters Mrs A. Skinner and Mrs J. Jackson.

Mr Doughty served two years National Service in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

He went on to become a long distance lorry driver and a fisherman, both deep sea and in the Boston fishing fleet.

He retired at the age of 60.

Mr Doughty loved looking after and walking his dogs and was also very keen on his parrots, which he kept for many years.

He also often spent time with old friends.

His funeral took place at St Nicholas’s Church and was followed by interment. The service was officiated by Father Paul Noble.

Chief family mourners were: Pamela Doughty (wife), Paul and Neil (sons), Carol and Suzanne (daughters), Ann Skinner and Mrs J. Jackson (sisters), Wendy (niece), Stacey and Charlie Greetham (great-grandson and granddaughter), Gemma Bradley and Ryan and Ellie and Simon (granddaughters and partners), Stacey and Aidi Dixon (granddaughter and husband), Megan Doughty (granddaughter), Amy and Laura Mitchell (great-nieces) and Stephen and Lynn Mitchell, and Andrew (nephews).

Arrangements by F.E.Addlesee and Son.

Mr Herbert Edwin Fravigar

HERBERT Edwin Fravigar, of Boston, has died at Pilgrim Hospital from heart failure.

He was 90.

Born in Boston, he spent his whole life in the town.

He is survived by daughters Magdalene Lowe, Rosemarie Fravigar and Sharon Sands, grandchildren Malita Lowe, Tyrone Fravigar, Christiaan Lowe and brother Paul Fravigar.

Mr Fravigar served with the RAF and also spent time in the building trade. He was then the night porter at the General Hospital, retiring in 1985.

He was a member of the Royal Air Forces Association and also the Blind Society.

His funeral took place at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Boston and was followed by interment in Boston Cemetery.

The service was conducted by Father Slawomir and Deacon David Baccas.

Chief family mourners were: Magdalene Lowe and Paul Wells, Rosemarie Fravigar and Chad and Sharon Sands and Roy Sands (daughters and partners), Malita Lowe, Tyrone Fravigar and partner Natalie, and Christiaan Lowe (grandchildren), Paul Fravigar (brother), Carly Lowe and partner Ashley, Keegan Lowe, Ryan Lowe, Aaron Fravigar and partner Becky, Naomi Fravigar, Kyle Fravigar and Morgan (great-grandchildren), Geoff, John and Evelyn Line (nephews and niece), Chris and Dinah Johnson (niece and husband) and Robert Fravigar (nephew).

Arrangements by F.E. Addlesee and Son.