Objectors fail to stop another shop selling alcohol on Boston's West Street

West Street, Boston
West Street, Boston

Plans for another off licence and store on Boston’s West Street were granted recently, despite fears raised about the increasing number of shops selling alcohol on the street.

The Council’s licensing sub-committee recently agreed an application by Talib Abdul Karim for Lincs Beer & Wine for a drinks licence between 8am and 10pm every day.

Two people who either live or trade on the street had objected, and addressed the committee to plead with them not to allow the licence.

They said the street had deteriorated over the years, saying there had been a significant growth in anti-social behaviour, litter, people gathering around, urinating on the street, and illegal parking.

One of the objectors submitted a number of pictures showing litter and debris outside their front door, faeces and urine on the street, and people gathering to drink on the street.

“Can the licensing committee disregard this evidence and insist there is no impact on this area from selling alcohol?

“How many more years will this area be allowed to pursue lawlessness and alcohol-related crimes and degradation before something is done?”

The second objector said they opened their own shop at 9am and often saw men under the influence of alcohol already on the street.

“I have customers coming to my and they remark about the state of West Street regarding the empty beer cans and bottles that are just thrown on the floor.

“The footfall of customers in the few retail shops is falling and I fell the few that are here will soon be gone to be replaced with booze outlets.”

But the sub-committee was told that there was no Cumulative Impact Policy in place – restricting the number of licensed premises in a specific area – as the Council had looked into it, but the police were unable to provide sufficient evidence to justify it.