OBSERVER: Add more gems and make boards sparkle


I have to say that the recent installation of notice boards in various parts of the centre of the town has been one of the better ideas from our ‘leaders.’ They – the boards! – are quite informative and not too over-sized to be a nuisance on market days.

The various interesting parts of the town they point visitors towards reflect very well on the area and can only add to the enjoyment of visitors. The only complaint I would have is that not enough places are identified: we are always been told of the ‘hidden gems’ the town has but surely a few more could have been found? I’m sure residents may have their own particular ideas of what should be publicised more about the town, and not necessarily of places to visit.

Could there not be more publicity about the firms or businesses which have been in Boston for many years and which contribute to the national scene? It was only a couple of weeks ago that we carried a story about Jakemans, a firm associated with the town for many, many years which started in a small way in Wormgate before transferring to larger premises just outside the town. I know we no longer have Norprint, or Fisher Clark, but at one time that firm was the biggest printer of labels in the world.

I mentioned a few months ago about the possibility of the council drawing more attention to the ‘iconic’ Gliderdrome and a colleague who is a regular attendee at their dances tells me that many of the ‘tribute’ bands which have appeared there have drawn fans from all over the country – just as was the case 40 or 50 years ago.

There have been appearances in recent months of stars from that era and some can’t believe the place is still open; and many of the ‘tribute’ bands are apparently absolutely fascinated by playing in a hall with such a history. I also understand that many of the 1,000 or so who attend regularly – often grandparents, parents and grandchildren – are so pleased to enjoy entertainment with no problems. There’s certainly more ‘gems’ to be considered, I’m sure.