OBSERVER COLUMN: Boston? Sorry, never heard of it


I asked last week if Boston’s county councillors were pushing our case for any investment in the same way it appeared other county councillors were.

But after reading last week’s feature about the county council’s video promoting the county and ‘showing people what makes Lincolnshire the perfect place to live’, I have to ask if those areas are getting the same service from their representatives as us – apparently not.

The video lasts less than two minutes: Lincoln is featured six times, but there’s no mention of Boston, Sleaford, Horncastle, Spilsby or even Skegness, which is often publicised as one of the most visited seaside resorts in the country.

On the other hand, and no disrespect to the town, Mablethorpe is featured.

So it seems councillors from most of those areas had no input into the video, but Lincoln is obviously the place to be – as far as the county is concerned.

All publicity for the county is to be welcomed, but, if it’s supposed to attract visitors and businesses, surely all areas should be featured.

Anyone watching it, not knowing anything about the area at all, is bound to conclude that if they want to come here then Lincoln is the only place available. I don’t think so.

The latest County News arrived last week, detailing figures from recent consultations.

From an estimated county population of just over 700,000, just over 4,000 got involved in the debate on devolution (having an elected mayor etc), while less than 1,000 bothered to give their views on the County News publication: at a cost of £51,750 per quarter (using the county’s own figures) perhaps it might be an idea to use that money on something useful.