OBSERVER COLUMN: It’s time for action –and fewer meetings


Borough Council meetings and minutes have been a fascination of mine for a number of years – sad, I know, but it’s often interesting to read how or why decisions are made which reflect eventually on all ratepayers. It’s often said that councils seem to move slowly in making decisions for one reason or another, and minutes of an Environment & Performance Committee meeting held on 30 June this year seem to bear this out.

It’s all to do with this Prosperous Boston initiative, an effort to make the town more attractive to businesses and investors, and I presume also to visitors. But the first meeting of this group was held in September last year and after the following five meetings they held there were a number of suggestions. Some of these have already been reported on: the idea of moving the Wednesday market to Bargate Green apparently had little support from the market traders themselves. However, rather than accept this was a non-starter it was decided to include the idea on the next public consultation the council would make, so that residents could have a say on the matter.

I think I can save them a bit of money: none of the people I spoke to when the idea was first suggested was in favour of this idea at all. For a start it was felt there was insufficient room on the Green for more stalls – that is, unless the council were actually acknowledging there were fewer required now than was previously the case!

There was also a suggestion from this Prosperous Boston meeting that there might be a micro-market through Strait Bargate on Wednesdays to connect the Market Place and the Green – though it would depend on demand. It might be a good idea, but just where would the stalls go? Or would they be on wheels so that the buses could continue through the precinct on their merry way. I’m all for good ideas, but I don’t think this will be one that should even be considered. What we really need is perhaps fewer meetings lasting a year and quicker action on improving the town now.