OBSERVER COLUMN: So that’s where our money goes...


Now the council tax demands have been delivered we can see exactly where our money goes to - and there are a couple of surprises.

Residents have been told on several occasions that of the amount the council collects, the bulk goes to the county council; but I certainly didn’t realise that of my Band B bill just over £900 goes to our leaders in Lincoln (although £34 of that is now being claimed for the adult social care).

I have no problem paying almost £160 towards our police service: but to find that of the rest, we in the immediate town area have to find just over £54 to fulfil our ‘special expense’ seems a little steep.

This is over a third of what we pay to the council to pay their way.

When you look at it, it appears to be a way for the borough council to saddle BTAC with some of the services many would argue it should provide.

Recent weeks and months have detailed very succinctly that BTAC residents will have responsibility for important services and far from just those in the area benefiting, residents outside the area and visitors will also benefit.

It seems wrong to me that the council apparently transferred responsibility for these services to BTAC - in the process increasing the percentage increase to over 182 per cent!

I’m sure residents will make sure that the BTAC money will be used in the areas we are assured it will go to: the Central Park and toilet provision in particular.

* Observer is not a paid-for member of staff, but an independent voice in Boston.