OBSERVER COLUMN: Why is it that Lincoln always takes priority?


It’s refreshing to see that one group in Boston is fighting for services to be retained in the town – and putting their case forward in a strong way. I refer to the Boston focus group and their work in fighting for the future of Pilgrim Hospital. Last week’s report highlighted their reaction to the government’s response to their petition to stop Pilgrim being downgraded.

This response took weeks and certainly appears not to have found favour with the group. So it appears that, once again, our area is being ‘snubbed’ – the group claim the proposed changes are being ‘led’ from Lincoln County Hospital and not from other parts of Lincolnshire, that consultation has not been broad enough, and, most important from this area’s point of view, patient safety would be at risk if services were centred at Lincoln.

Why is it that no matter what needs to be done in this county it always appears that Lincoln takes priority and has to take the lead? The focus group draw attention to the fact that Lincoln is not even central to the county, the majority of the population is not in that area and people locally are an hour or more away from the County Hospital.

Their most important arguments point out our poor road infrastructure, limited availability of sufficient cheap public transport to get to Lincoln, and the fact we would not be safely served with either ‘normal’ or emergency services.

Don’t forget also that there was also a report last week about the new maternity unit at Pilgrim being almost ready for occupation – what a waste if it was decided that particular service should be transferred.

At last we have someone fighting Boston’s corner against being over-ruled by our ‘masters’ in Lincoln; perhaps they could give some tips to the borough council on how to fight for residents. Lincoln might be the county capital but that doesn’t give organisations based there the right to dictate to the rest of the county.

What a surprise! I see the borough council has once again been successful in getting a gold award for their flower displays. I’m not criticising the volunteers who work hard for this but, as said before, wouldn’t it be nice for the whole of the town to be judged?