Observer column: Won’t be long before we’re waving red flag

ALTHOUGH having sympathy with the Frampton residents and their concerns about speeding on London Road, I am a little puzzled by their claim that ‘every house from Wyberton to Kirton had fallen victim to cars going off the road and into the gardens’.

Some years ago I was told by a colleague that he had contacted the county council of his fears about road safety after (rather wide) cycle lanes had been put down quite near him, continuing round a rather sharp left hand bend.

Some cars were keeping well into the middle of the road and on several occasions there had been near misses at the corner and he felt there should be either warning signs or, at the least, speed restrictions.

Evidently drivers were under the impression they should not go into the lanes; others seem to think the white lines indicate parking space and so park there.

While speaking to someone at the county offices about it he was more than surprised to be told that until there was an accident nothing could be done about it!

Now, if there had been as many accidents as the Frampton residents claim, I would assume that someone in authority – at least the police – would have been informed, so why wasn’t anything done about it?

The residents are looking for a speed reduction; while supporting them up to a point, if we have any more restrictions in this area, and around Boston in general, it won’t be long before we’re back to the man with a red flag in front of cars.

l The saga of parking charges continues. Mr C. Richmond makes some salient points in his letter, not least his comment that if the disabled can afford to run a car, they should be able to pay for parking instead of receiving a ‘freebie’.

This leads nicely to the recent report about the number of council staff who get free parking.

The total given seems a little on the high side! I know some passes may cover occasional visitors – but as for the rest, do we really have that number of people working for the council who need cars to do their duties?

It makes you wonder – is there anyone actually in the offices during the day?