OBSERVER: Do we really need a police commissioner at all?

In a fortnight’s time voters will be asked to vote on their preferred choice for Police and Crime Commissioner.

Lincolnshire has a choice of two politicians and two independents, with two other candidates already withdrawing from the race.

I make no suggestions on who should be appointed but do seriously wonder if it’s really necessary in this time of austerity that we shall be saddled with the expense of yet another official for the police – and in all probability someone who has little or no experience of how the police work.

What we do need is someone prepared to stand up for the police.

No disrespect to any of the candidates but can any of them really give an assurance to the electorate that they fully know how the police service works?

That service is one of the most important to us and the last thing that is needed is for someone to come in and treat it like a business.

It is not a business, and should not be run on a profit and loss basis.

It is a service to the community and the continuing cuts imposed for whatever reason have only led to a diminishing service.

I do not for one minute believe that ratepayers would complain paying more on their police tax if they could be assured it would be spent on putting more police out in the community.

I presume that whoever is elected as commissioner will be paid from the police tax. Yet another cost on an already cash-deprived service.

It would be wrong for me to tell you who to vote for.

But please think before you do.

The decision could have far-reaching consequences if the wrong person is voted in.