OBSERVER: Fairer funding deal will be so welcome


News that the Police and Crime Commissioner is hopeful that the force might get a fairer funding deal will be welcomed by the majority of people in the county.

For far too long the area seems to have been on the sticky end of the stick when it comes to funding for anything. We may be the second-largest county in the country but the vast rural landscape, coupled with the myriad country lanes and few large roads, means there are few opportunities for any real large businesses. And the small population means government funding is limited because of these factors.

Having said that, several areas do seem to be doing ‘nicely, thank you’. Apart from Lincoln, the Spalding and Grantham areas seem to have more opportunities for businesses than we do in the east. And when you come to look at it there are two possible reasons for that: they have good road links and decent rail services – both important for big business.

As far as the police are concerned, recent programmes on television about our force appear to have been well edited. On a number of occasions there were shots of police cars speeding down dual carriageways to various calls. Those of us living in the county 
quickly identified most of these shots as the A1, about the only dual road there is here, but no doubt people in the rest of the country were quite surprised to see so many ‘good roads’!

As far as the police situation is concerned, the commissioner was quick to point out that the PCSOs were funded with help from the county council, and with that particular organisation seeking to cut almost everything it can, to ‘save’ money, although still taking the same amount of tax off us, it could be that some of these officers may find themselves without a job in the future.

As Mr Hardwick says, the fact that the county police is praised by the highest authority, a quirk in funding means that they are penalised because they are one of the best in the country!

Obviously in this case investment in the best is not seen to be for the better.