OBSERVER: Grand plans that come to nothing


Why is it Boston and the surrounding area seem to have to wait for years before any decisions are made regarding improvements but others in the county don’t? There have been so many things promised to the town over the years yet almost each one of them slowly sinks into oblivion. It was not so long ago that we heard of plans for a marina at the bottom of Fenside Road: there was to be a club house, houses and entertainment. It was to be a ‘gateway’ to the town – then nothing!

Then there were all the plans of how there was to be yet more cafes, restaurants and small shops down South End, leading up to the flood barrage, with a steady height of water to give us yet another marina. That also seems to have slid off the planning board, but we are assured the barrier will be here by 2019.

Now we hear that the plan for the new distributor road from the Quadrant area may not be all that was planned, and one councillor was heard to say ‘not in our lifetime’ after hearing highways bosses – based in Lincoln – tell a council committee meeting that ‘the completion date is beyond the plan.’ But councillors were also told significant amounts of funding would need to be found.

At the same time the committee was told of figures used to come to that decision. Of course, these show that traffic is coming into Boston, not through it. Perhaps something will be done about it. Or not! Mind you, the strategy aims to get people walking, cycling and using public transport more. With that amount of traffic already using the roads there won’t be much room left.

In the meantime it appears that millions is to be spent on yet another bypass for Lincoln: so easy to get funding for that but not for anything which benefits us!

* Observer is not a paid-for member of staff, but an independent voice in Boston.