OBSERVER: Great to see events in the park - more please!


The sun certainly brought out the crowds last week for ‘all the fun of the seaside’ in Central Park. Following on from the success of last year’s sandy beach, the council decided this year to almost double its size and it proved quite a success. Along with traditional attractions like donkey rides, there were also bouncy castles, games and competitions. And for once it was free: yes, something in Boston which was actually free!

I was talking to a local resident just after the event and a valid point was made: if the council can put something on like this in the park, why can’t they make more use of the ‘event area’ in the Market Place? I realise events there seem to be for the more ‘arty’ type of show – it appears to be the same organisation – but surely it wouldn’t hurt to put something unusual on there, perhaps a concert on a Sunday afternoon, for example; something which might attract the more elderly who could perhaps bring their own seating and enjoy a show. At least the events in the park are a step in the right direction.

I wonder if residents to the north of the town feel a little left out of being able to do a supermarket shop with relative ease? The reason I ask is that Lidl have now decided to build a new ‘Lidl of the Future’ next door to the Tesco store, on the opposite side of the town to their original planned site in Tawney Street. So the euphoria in this area that they were to get a supermarket nearly on their doorstep has disappeared.

True, there are several smaller supermarket-type stores in the Bargate area but if they wish to visit this new store they will face the joys of having to navigate John Adams Way and Sleaford Road. Some will no doubt continue to do what they already do: take the road to Skegness. It might be a little bit further but on some days it will probably be a lot quicker.

Just why is it that anything new to Boston has to go on the south side of the town?