OBSERVER: How nice to claim some credit now


It was interesting to read that a government minister actually found his way to Boston to inspect the plans for the Quadrant development and its associated new road infrastructure which will eventually lead to the Boardsides area.

The minister indicated that the county council are ‘revisiting their highways plans to develop for the longer term’. But it is necessary to point out that these only came about because Chestnut Homes, owners of Boston United, wanted to build a new stadium and homes in the area; it certainly wasn’t at the behest of either the county council or the borough council.

Mind you, our ‘leader’ is quoted on the council website as saying: “It is always an encouraging sign when a Government minister deems a project worthy enough to come and take a look for himself. We discussed the distributor road project in some detail as the most viable solution to traffic congestion and the bigger picture of the ways in which it will bring other economic benefits. We were able to demonstrate to the minister that the councils, the developers and other interested parties are working together, moving towards the same goals.”

It’s nice to claim some of the credit now, when nothing has been done in the past, despite so many calls from residents.

I’ll reserve my main thoughts on the devolution plans till I read more of the detail. On the face of it, it seems something to be welcomed but one major thought already is that this will involve yet another layer of bureaucracy! And can we be sure that Lincoln, Scunthorpe and Grimsby won’t want to lay claim to most of the money available, leaving us in the south in the same state we are now?

I believe the leaders of all the authorities concerned will make up the new Mayor’s ‘cabinet’; another nice little earner for those involved, and no doubt they will need extra staff to look after their increased workload. Mind you, the residents of the area have yet to vote on whether to accept this or not – now that result may be interesting!