OBSERVER: Upgrade roads in the right places


Some months ago I mentioned the possibility of a southern bypass for Grantham, with the hope that it would speed holiday traffic on its way to Skegness and the east coast.

So that road would travel via bypasses at Donington, Bicker and Swineshead before reaching Boston and then disappearing into a ‘black hole’ via its ‘distributor’ road, never to be seen again as apparently all traffic going to Boston needs to be there - it doesn’t come out the other side!

I now read that the county council leader has detailed some of his targets for the new authority and among these is a new ‘coastal highway from Lincoln to Skegness’ presumably with the hope that tourists and holidaymakers from the east midlands would use this road rather than the present road: from Grantham through Boston.

We now have new representatives from this area at Lincoln and we have to hope that they will point out the pitfalls of this proposal and point out there may be a much cheaper option if the county were to upgrade the roads round here: it would certainly increase journey times.

If a new road has to be built surely it makes sense to build it so that the ‘black hole’ will open up.

I see the BTAC minutes for their last meeting detail the progress already made by the committee set up to make sure we don’t have another fiasco with Christmas ‘decorations’.

They should be congratulated in already getting sponsors to improve the entrances to Boston and having bookings from firms willing to put trees on their premises.

At the moment their efforts appear to be going well: let’s hope credit goes to the right people when we see the final results, which can’t be worse than last year!