OBSERVER: Villages put town’s Jubilee event to shame

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DID you – like me – think the town was put to shame by the varied events put on in the local villages to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee?

Admittedly there were one or two street parties in Boston, but in the main it seems we were expected to ‘celebrate’ by enjoying the festivities in the Central Park, put on by the council with a budget (it is alleged) of £5,000!

Not quite sure where or how that was spent but there were few of the people I spoke to who decided to partake. One friend told me he decided to take his children to the park fully expecting events similar to those he had enjoyed as a child at the Silver Jubilee celebrations.

They arrived at just after 2pm and left a quarter of an hour later, very disappointed at what was on offer.

The front part of the paper last week had photos of the events in villages; children’s and pensioners’ parties, events for all the family, and in some cases dances and entertainment which went on into the night.

In Boston itself – nothing.

The Market Place has just been ‘reopened’. Was this not a case where, with all the space at disposal now, there could have been events put on there? Very little traffic going through to upset things and an opportunity to bring people into the town and celebrate; goodness knows the shopkeepers would have welcomed it.

The council claim ‘hundreds’ were entertained. I assume this is a cumulative total for when I visited just before the switch-on of the fountain, I’ll be generous and say there were about 100 there. And shouldn’t we have been boasting about ‘thousands’ attending?

York has a lovely little street called The Shambles. We have our own here in Boston – it’s called West Street (at least that bit where our council hangs out).