OBSERVER: What a blooming marevellous effort to win silver In Bloom award

WHEN I first heard the town was entering the In Bloom competition run by the Royal Horticultural Society I feared what type of award we might actually get in competing against some of the bigger towns and cities in the country.

So it’s congratulations all round to those responsible for securing a silver award in the contest.

For many years the town has received compliments in relation to the baskets put on the railings round the main car parks, and although the rose beds surrounding the Jubilee Garden will not reach their potential for probably another year they will add to the general welcoming look of Central Park.

The park staff always seem to be a jovial crowd, taking an interest in their work, and they have to take most of the credit for its look; it can be no coincidence that just lately there appears to be even more people using the facilities there, the aviary and play area appearing very popular.

It’s just a shame, as I’ve said before, that there rarely seems to be any big events there which get the attention of the general public, but the present economic situation seems to inhibit anything which the council ‘might’ even consider.

Could this not be a starting point for the council to get more involved with local groups in putting more events on in the park? Mind you, in the past there always used to be a lot of advertising before the events, so almost everyone knew about them. Perhaps a case for more sponsors?

In praising those who helped gain the silver award, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Boston West Primary School, the Friends of Witham Way Country Park and the volunteer gardeners who help in areas of the town, also gained awards for their participation.

It just shows what can happen in the town when people get involved.