Off-licences pass test purchases

THREE off-licences in the Boston area have passed test purchases carried out by young people not old enough to buy alcohol.

International Food & Drink and Alisa, on Red Lion Street in Boston, and Jhay Store, in High Street, Kirton, were targeted in the test purchases by Lincolnshire Police, and staff in all the premises requested ID and refused to sell the drink.

Jhay Stores and International Food & Drink will now be informed of the test and will not be retested again unless new intelligence is received. Alisa will be re-tested, as a member of staff from the neighbouring store was seen to go in to the shop after the volunteers had been in and before they were served in the second store. Police suspect the volunteers were compromised because of this.

The test purchases were carried out in stores around the county by 15 and 16-year-old volunteers.