Book to feature town hauntings

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PARANORMAL activity and ghostly goings-on in the Boston area are to be featured in a new book.

Author Gemma King is looking for haunted buildings and sites to feature in an upcoming book called Haunted Boston – and claims to have already come across some ‘chilling ghostly’ tales in the town.

“I am currently in the research stages of the book and would love to hear from anyone who has experienced paranormal activity,” said Gemma, of Cowbit.

“I’m looking for hauntings at commercial premises and public buildings, but also some interesting tales from residential homes.”

Gemma has been working with Boston-based ghost-hunting team Paranormal 13 and has already carried out investigations at certain sites in the town – including the Gliderdrome.

“I can confirm at this stage that, along with the more famous ghost stories, like the Stump’s Grey Lady, the investigations will include the Gliderdrome, the Guildhall and Blackfriars Theatre.

“All of the buildings are rich in history and have some chilling ghostly encounters attached to them.”

As a paranormal investigator herself, Gemma has visited many locations over the years, including several in Spalding – one of which she claims featured ‘horrific poultergeist activity’. These are to be used in a similar book focussing on the Spalding area.

During her investigations, Gemma and her team collect ‘evidence’ in the form of photographs, electronic voice phenomena (EVP), temperature and electro-magnetic energy readings.

These are used to support ‘eerie testimonials’ from the public and details that come from séances.

“One strange experience I had was hearing a child’s voice say ‘hello’ close to my face when no-one was standing there,” Gemma said.

She added: “I have high hopes for what we will uncover in Boston, given it is so rich in history.”

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