Condom machines could dispense tourist maps in Boston

Mocked up image of a condom 'map' machine
Mocked up image of a condom 'map' machine
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Condom machines could be used to give out map booklets to visitors arriving in Boston’s car parks, in a plan to boost tourism in the town.

The contraceptive dispensers, which are often seen in the toilets of pubs and clubs, could be just the right size to deliver the 3D map booklets, according to Boston Business Improvement District (BID).

Work is now due to get underway to test the machines and see if they would be suitable, before discussions take place with the council about setting them up next to ticket machines in car parks around the town.

BID manager Niall Armstrong said: “We did look at trying to source a machine, but there isn’t one that would deliver the booklet type map. It has been suggested to me a condom machine might work.

“These little booklets are about the same size as a packet of those.

“It’s something we would like to take forward.”

The issue was raised at last week’s BID meeting, when members said they thought it might be a good idea to sell the maps from machines, in the same way as places like Stamford or Chester.

Mr Armstrong said he was planning to approach new board member and pub-owner Matthew Clark, to see if he can try out the maps in one of the machines. He said he had not yet looked into cost.