Council defends use of ‘green figure’ instead of ‘green man’

Green figure sign on John Adams Way.
Green figure sign on John Adams Way.

LINCOLNSHIRE County Council has defended its use of signs displaying the term green figure, rather than man, at pedestrian crossings, despite facing a barrage of criticism.

Since The Standard carried the story about this move towards gender neutrality at a number of crossings on John Adams Way, the matter has been picked up by local television news and the national press, and readers of the Telegraph, Daily Mail and Daily Express have added their voices to those questioning the need for such a sign, which many have deemed a move towards political correctness.

A lot of people have said it is a waste of time and money to alter the traditional wording of the signs, and have asked why the change has taken place, but the authority has said the phrasing varies across the county and there was no particular reason for the alteration on this occasion.

John Siddle, from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, told The Standard: “What we did on this particular occasion is to simply use the wording in the current Highway Code as we felt it was appropriate.”

Four people had been injured on that particular crossing, he added, and the authority was keen to so all it could to ensure people were safe.

Lincolnshire County Council said it had no plans to ‘waste taxpayers’ money’ by replacing all signs in the county with the altered wording.

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