‘Dog poo could blind a child’ - Council explains Boston ‘flags and bags’ plan

Dog poo bin Central Park
Dog poo bin Central Park

Dog owners are being warned that their pets’ mess could cause serious health risks to children playing in Boston’s Central Park.

Boston Borough Council has stressed dog poo could pose serious problems – particularly if children get the muck on their hands.

The authority will stick flags in piles of poo to highlight the need to pick it up and will install sack dispensers so owners who forget to take bags out will have no excuse.

The council says people can pick up Toxocariasis from animal faeces, which could lead to dizziness, bronchitis and headaches through to serious cases such as asthma, epilepsy and sight impairment.

Coun Yvonne Gunter, portfolio holder for parks and open spaces, said: “I am sure that no dog owner would want a seriously ill child, perhaps left blind, on their conscience. I don’t suppose that thought even crosses the minds of those who do not clean up after their pets.

“No one is saying dogs are not welcome in Central Park. In many cases they are perhaps a person’s only companion and where families have them they are certainly a part of that family. Dogs make lovely pets, loyal and playful and man’s best friend. So let’s help keep them that way and clean up after them. A dog’s got to do what a dog’s got to do, so owners need to be equipped to reduce the potential nuisance and health hazard any way they can.”

The council says bagged dog waste can also go in ordinary litter bins – with bags also available from the Municpal Buildings in West Street and at the Fen Road depot.