Government files reveal Boston Stump UFO mystery

GOVERNMENT documents outlining Whitehall reaction to UFO sightings reveal how a strange ‘radar blip’ was blamed on Boston Stump.

A tranche of documents published by the National Archives also show how strange lights in the sky above The Wash in October 1996 were filmed by Lincolnshire Police and reported by many members of the public.

The lights were thought to match with radar results and are discussed in a wealth of papers, letters and diagrams.

The matter, described grandly in some of the papers as ‘the Boston Radar Plot’, is explained in one background paper which was prepared by officals in answer to a parliamentary question.

It states: “Although newspaper articles claim that the sightings were correlated by radar returns, the radar returns were assessed, were almost certainly caused by a permanent geographical feature on landand considered to be St Botolph’s church spire in Boston, (273ft high).

“The church spire is known locally as the ‘Boston Stump’ and can appear occasionally on some radars in certain radar propogation conditions.”

It puts the mystery lights down to ‘a distant celestial source’.

For more on the UFO files, see next week’s Standard.