Izzy our most loyal reader?

Izzy the jackdaw 'reading' about himself in The Standard.
Izzy the jackdaw 'reading' about himself in The Standard.

This sneaky bird has a lot to crow about after reading about himself in the 
Boston Standard.

Mischievous jackdaw Izzy was missing for weeks and had his owner Monica Lawrence worried she may never see her pet of seven years again.

But the tame bird, who loves children and burger joints, was back in Swineshead last week enjoying the home comforts.

“He’s back to his usual naughty self - stealing things he shouldn’t have and getting into places he shouldn’t be,” said Monica, “We are so glad to have him back.”

After the Standard ran an appeal to trace him, reports came in that he had been frequenting a cafe in Langrick, visited Boston Bowl and even landed on a child’s head at Freiston Shore. It is believed he flew off with the wild flock and got lost.

Izzy will be getting a gift of waxworms for Christmas - and anything else he can steal from around the house.

“Life is never dull with a jackdaw about.” added Monica.