OH BABY! Sisters give birth within hours of each other

Double trouble: Karen Batley with Rose and Bridgette Exton with Sidney.
Double trouble: Karen Batley with Rose and Bridgette Exton with Sidney.

It is double delight for a Boston family - after sisters gave birth within hours of each other.

Karen Batley, 33, and Bridgette Exton, 35, gave birth to Sidney and Rose respectively on Wednesday, with each baby weighing 6.9lbs.

Bridgette Exton with Sidney

Bridgette Exton with Sidney

Bridgette was the first to go into labour at just after 2.15am, with Sidney entering the world at 11.45am.

Oddly, Karen woke up at 2.20am and although she did not know about the birth at the time the family believes a ‘sisterly connection’ may have been involved.

She remembers looking at the clock but says: “Obviously I didn’t actually know at that point until I spoke to mum in the morning.”

Karen had an appointment to go into hospital that same day to give birth through a caesarean at 9am and Rose was born half-an-hour later.

Karen Batley with Rose

Karen Batley with Rose

Bridgette said: “I’m looking forward to the future, when they have their birthday parties together on the same day.”

She said she hoped they would ‘form a close bond’ and look after each other as they grew up.

Proud grandparents Alan and Sue Morrell said they were delighted to have gone from one grandchild (Bridgette has another son called Henry) to three in ‘a couple of hours’.

Alan said they had already been spoiling the newborns and over the weekend had been in practically every store in Boston.

The sisters were also full of praise for the ‘superb’ staff at Pilgrim Hospital, in Boston, who saved the family beds next to one another on the ward.

Karen said: “When we arrived the midwife was talking to us and I said about Bridgette being in labour and they said they would try to arrange for us to see her.

“They actually saved the bed by the side of me and the ward sisters made sure that side of the ward was kept clear.”

Bridgette said the staff at the hospital were ‘all excited’ about the double birth as it was not something they came across very often.

Mums, babies and husbands Matt Exton and Richard Batley are now home and the children are doing well.