One size does not fit all over health


If you type NHS news into an internet search engine, you will be greeted with an array of national headlines about access to services, funding and efficiencies. Some of them don’t make pretty reading.

But what does that make you think of your services 
locally? You might pick up on negative experiences, but what about the positive 

I am very proud of the amount of positive feedback we receive at Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust. So much so that inspectors from the Care Quality Commission said they had never received so much positive patient feedback about a Trust.

In providing excellent services, we have to be mindful of those challenges which affect all NHS Trusts.

Being guardians of the public purse, we must balance quality, safety, and access to services, with the need to balance the books. There can be no compromise – we must do all of them.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach so we bring together lots of different elements. We deliver value for money by working with our health and social care partners to ensure services are joined up, work to be as productive as possible, and use best practice and learning from elsewhere.

We know that engaged and empowered staff deliver better services for patients. We had good staff survey results for 2014 and are now working to take this further: supporting them more to do their jobs and making it easier for them to take action when they know they can do something better.

Then there’s you; our patients and families. Please do tell us what you think, get involved and make yourselves heard. You will always be our best measure that we are getting it right.

Andrew Morgan is Chief Executive of Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust