One week of summer and plenty of rain in May

BOSTON enjoyed just one week of summery weather in May.

Town weatherman Albert Kirkham said May was generally cold, cloudy and wet with very low daytime temperatures for the first six days of the month.

But between May 22nd-28th temperatures rose for seven days of ‘very high temperatures and glorious warm sunshine with the hottest day of the year so far.

The highest maximum temperature, on the 28th, was 26.7C (80F). The lowest maximum temperature recorded on the 3rd, was 8.3C (47F).

On the 29th, the temperature fell no lower than 15.6C (60F) but on the 6th it was as low as -0.6C (31F).

The mean maximum temperature of the month was 16.7C (61.9F) exactly the same as the average for May.

The mean minimum was 7.8C (46.1F) above the average of 7.2C (45F).

The town had slightly less rainfall than usual, with 41.9mm (1.65ins) against the average of 45.8mm (1.8ins) across 18 days of measurable rain. The greatest rainfall in one day came on the 3rd with 10.3mm (0.41ins).

Townspeople enjoyed 198.5 hours of bright sunshine in May, less than the average of 221.1 hours. The sunniest day was on the 26th, with 14.4 hours.

There was one air frost, six ground frosts and six days with no sunshine at all.