NEW YEAR MESSAGE: Let’s seek out new horizons in 2018 and find reasons to be proud

You will have heard the clichéd phrase New Year, New You. It is usually applied to those who may have overindulged during the festive season and perhaps need to shed a few pounds. But I want to apply this well-worn phrase in a different and slightly extended way – New Year, New You, New Boston.

The Roman fertility goddesses

Following in the footsteps of the Romans - Monthly Walk with Hugh Marrows

With spring well and truly here we take a stroll round the historic village of Ancaster and include visits to its two nature reserves.

An avocet attacking an egret. Picture: Neil Smith

COLUMN: An elegant wader

Hello there! This is Chris from the RSPB nature reserve at Frampton Marsh, here again with a look at the best of this season’s local wildlife.

Mike Shields, Account Manager at Shooting Star. Photo: supplied. EMN-180223-142000001

COLUMN: The perils of post privacy on social media

The Mayor of Boston in Lincolnshire was recently called to step down from his role following allegations over potentially offensive comments he made on his private Facebook page. Many readers have since questioned how something posted privately could be used against someone in public office. So we asked PR and Marketing firm and social media experts Shooting Star, based in Lincoln, for their thoughts.

Colin Davie

NEW YEAR MESSAGE: 2018 could be Lincolnshire’s year of pride

2017 has been for me a year of contrasts, with the media narrative that we are all doomed because of Brexit, making me reach for the off button compared to the hugely impressive scale of development that was on show when I led a trade mission to Hunan in October.

Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman ANL-171117-072818001

CHRISTMAS COLUMN: Merry Christmas to one and all

Parliament sits late this year, and increasingly most nights, finally rising for recess on the Thursday before Christmas.

Michael Cooper

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE: 2017 really has been year of success...

It is always surprising, when you look back over 12 months, to see how much has happened. We quickly move on to deal with the next important matter and past victories can quickly fade from the memory.

First for sports news PNL-140425-121437003

Sports Editor’s Blog: Don’t rain on England’s World Cup parade

The last snippet of ticker tape had barely fluttered to the floor following England’s second World Cup success in a year than the nay-saying began.


OBSERVER: It’s a ‘council tax rise’ that’s not on

A few weeks ago I mentioned my concern that the additional money Boston residents have to pay to the Town Area Committee via their council tax was being used by the council for events that were not truly ‘town resident-only’ based.

Frampton Marsh. Picture by Chris Andrews.

COLUMN: Seal the deal with a nature cruise

Have you seen a seal? They really are one of our most engaging animals, with their big brown eyes and sometimes almost human mannerisms.

Andrew Morgan.

COLUMN: Our NHS - it’s the people that count

With the NHS turning the grand age of 69 last week, it seems only right we should give a (slightly belated) nod to its birthday.

Matt Warman.

COLUMN: Confident of the right deal for all

Nobody can pretend that the election produced the result the Conservatives wanted – but now more than ever we need a united government that focuses solely on the task of getting Brexit done.

Matt Warman.

COLUMN: One year on from Brexit, ‘it is vital we get it right’

Today (Friday) is exactly one year since the European Union Referendum. To mark the occasion, The Standard asked Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman to give his thoughts on Brexit and it’s progress since June 23, 2016 when the country voted to leave the Union.

Andrew Morgan

It’s been an eventful month for us all

Although it is only a month since my last column, it has certainly proved to be a very eventful one.


COLUMN: Look out there’s an owl on the prowl

A couple of years ago there was a national poll to discover which bird was felt by the public to best represent the UK. Maybe no real surprise, the robin won, but did you see which bird came second? It was the barn owl.

Asparagus quiche

FOOD COLUMN: Summer itself in a tasty dish

Summer is just about poking its nose through the door and venturing out into the sunshine. After teasing us with mid-twenties temperatures back at the start of April, summer has been slow in coming. After an arid month, last week saw parts of Lincolnshire as the wettest place in the country. Hardly the weather to inspire the summer kitchen.

Matthew Herd

COLUMN: Beware expenses and benefits traps misconception

A lot of employers acknowledge the work employees do and want to reimburse them for their time in order to maintain a good working relationship. However, there are many misconceptions amongst employers when it comes to Income Tax and National Insurance on expenses and benefits provided to employees.


OBSERVER: Not everyone has use of social media

Do you ever get the feeling the county council is doing its best to ruin Boston completely? Funnily enough, at the height of the recent election, and no doubt hoping the new ‘rules’ wouldn’t be noticed in all the excitement(!), it was announced there were to be simpler rules for parking in the Market Place.

Jan Sobieraj

COLUMN: Thank you for your understanding since the cyber attack

Following last weekend’s cyber attack on health services, which affected systems across United Lincolnshire Hospital’s Trust, the chief executive Jan Sobieraj has written a letter of thanks.

Life on Tapp with Blaise Tapp SUS-160516-112125001

What this election needs is a face off

We are four weeks into a seemingly never ending General Election campaign, one which is only creating excitement among avid players of political bingo.

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