Assembly Rooms are ‘treasure’ of the Market Place

IT APPEARS that, one way or another, the council is determined to ‘get rid’ of the Assembly Rooms.

There are four options, apparently, and the report to the cabinet stressed ‘there would be no restrictions on the future use of the asset’.

It is this latter statement which is worrying. It’s true the building needs a lot of maintenance and work doing to it but we (or rather the council) shouldn’t forget it is one of the few treasures we have left in the Market Place and I hate to think what could be done to the building.

Over a period of many years many of the fine buildings in the near area have been ruined by new shop fronts etc. And there’s no guarantee as far as I can see that whoever takes over this building will not be able to do similar.

Successive councils have, in the past, made decisions which have come back to haunt them. I wasn’t about in the Twenties but I remember my father telling me of the obstinacy of the council of the time not agreeing to help Fred Parkes, who subsequently took his fishing fleet to Fleetwood.

Much later the council of the time decided to sell off the dock, although many opposition councillors pointed out it was similar to selling the ‘family silver’.

Plans for a large steel plant in the vicinity of the dock were later also turned down.

It may only seem to be a building we are talking about but the Assembly Rooms have a history which should be cherished. It is to be hoped that any decision the council makes in this case will not come back to haunt them.

I thank Coun Paul Mould for drawing attention to the website Boston Eye! No doubt several other readers have done as I did and decided to see what all the fuss was about. It’s often said that if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, don’t make a noise – I wonder how many councillors will bless him for telling residents where they can keep check on what they do?

People in glasshouses etc certainly comes to mind in this case.