BROWNE ON THE BALL: Why I wouldn’t mind seeing Dennis Greene’s red cowboy hat again

Dennis Greene
Dennis Greene

Green trousers, white shirt and red cowboy hat. You wouldn’t get Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola or Sir Alex Ferguson dressed like that.

I have once, however, seen Dennis Greene in that get-up.

In fairness to the Boston United manager, he was in fancy dress at a themed party and certainly not doing his best Huggy Beat impression in the dug-out on a Saturday afternoon.

But nontheless, that’s Dennis Greene. He’s one of those rarities in football management these days; an original who dares to do things his own way.

In 2014 the fashion in the game is for the manager to be a dapper don, smartly dressed from head to toe in a designer suit, tie and long coat... perhaps showing their edge with a bit of unkempt stubble.

They always talk at press conferences in a composed manner, never letting emotion get in the way of the cleverly-planned soundbites that make the paper and remain on-message.

In contrast, Greene exits the tunnel at 3pm in his Del Boy sheepskin coat, tracksuit and beenie hat or occasionally, like on Saturday, suited and booted.

His post-match comments - depending on what happen during that game - can be emotional 200-words-per-minute monologues or disappointed one-word retorts.

Many managers ape the AVBs and Guardiolas of this world because they think that’s how a successful manager should come across.

But there are exceptions to the rule.

Brian Clough - the man who seemed to always wear that green jumper - famously made Peter Shilton do his shot-stopping training on a Madrid roundabout the night before his team lifted the European Cup in 1980.

Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp appeared on a German TV station smoking a cigar and wearing a T-shirt with the words ‘Kloppo du pop star’ while dancing to a Baron von Borsig Europop track of that same name.

Don Revie called in a Scarborough-based witch to get a gypsey curse exorcised from Elland Road.

Barry Fry went one better and urinated on all four corners of St Andrews when he feared his ground was suffering from something similar.

But these managers and their eccentric ways are remembered fondly because, quite frankly, they brought success.

You see, the thing fans care about most is winning.

And as long as your side is winning, or within a sniff of promotion, then the methods (as long as they don’t involve dual contracts) don’t raise eyebrows.

Success also means you are hot property. So, in a bid to keep hold of their man, Boston United handed Greene a two-year contract last week.

“We have been thoroughly impressed by the work Dennis has done in turning the team into genuine promotion contenders,” was how vice-chairman Neil Kempster summed things up.

And no matter what happens this year, in tying Greene down to United the club’s board believes good times are on the horizon.

Afterall, Greene has a proven track record of success - particularly with St Neots where he brought the club back-to-back leg-ups.

It will be interesting to see whether more of Den’s magic will rub off over here in Lincolnshire over the next two years.

But if it does, nobody will bat an eyelid if he starts wearing that red cowboy hat in the dug-out.