Campaigner issues open letter to ask: ‘Do you want me to stand at election?’


Dear electorate. It is due to our ‘first past the post’ electoral system which in fact means that the next Prime Minister, will without any shadow of a doubt either be Cameron or Miliband, no matter how you vote in GE2015.

My name is Paul Wooding, 56 years old, happily married for 24 years with a 10-year-old son. My family live in Skegness and I have been house-hunting in Anton’s Gowt with the intention of moving to the area.

I have recently resigned from UKIP. I have travelled the world, served in HM forces and been on active duty. I also have excellent negotiating skills due to many years at management level in an extensive sales environment and have owned my own companies. Currently I am a hard working Royal Mail artic driver.

Many of you will have recognised my name in the Boston Standard from August 2014, when I applied to be your UKIP candidate, just before Neil Hamilton, and I was considered to be one of the favourites. Unfortunately, UKIP gave you a 22-year-old, ex Conservative.

I firmly believe that the people of east Lincolnshire and, in particular, Bostonians deserve better.

Since March 2014, I have been working on numerous plans that I would have put into effect in the event of being elected to represent you and I am in contact with Cabinet ministers with regard to one of the plans.

These include a serious bid to obtain the funds needed for a bypass, a scheme for massive reductions in the amount of RTAs on the roads, a Skegness regeneration scheme, serious migrant integration plans, drafted private members bills to a) abolish offshore wind farm subsidies, b) legislate for farmers and food producers to pay a living wage, c) make a statutory requirement for migrant workers to be able to financially support themselves for a period of six months, d) legislate to allow the deportation of migrants in the event of a criminal record either before or after migration and e) change the ASBO to a more workable, robust system that has zero tolerance including motoring offences.

I will give support to any councils that challenge unabated greenfield development, challenge the Danish electricity cable at Bicker Fen, give wholehearted support to a public National Health Service and work tirelessly to keep all services at the Pilgrim Hospital intact.

The original purpose of the House of Commons was for a normal, working local representative from an area, to speak that region’s grievances and needs. A true voice of the people.

Unfortunately, over time, the system has become far too politicised. To select a candidate on party policies alone only diminishes your voice, and the wants and needs of the community then vanish into the ether replaced by the self-serving interests of party politics.

If you believe your local MP should have morals, honesty, integrity and a hard working ethic, should represent your wants above self-interest and party agenda, should live in the area once in the position, would understand your issues more if he/she has lived the same life as the majority of people then you have a simple choice to make as all the declared parties have a party agenda, a whip and a self-serving interest to win as many seats as possible in Parliament, leaving the constituents’ issues further down the pecking order.

Wouldn’t you agree that working hard in the background for a better deal for east Lincolnshire is preferable to sound-bites and photo-bombing opportunities ? That is precisely why I have not been active in the media since my resignation from UKIP. I am actively still working for a better deal for you.

i’m a mature, passionate hard worker with only the interests of the electorate at heart and with the drive and tenacious ability to get it.

I stand for integrity, honesty and a passionate desire to help the long forgotten people of Boston and Skegness.

If you wish me to stand as your Independent representative in GE2015 please text yes or no to 07770 192960, tweet @djsharkyp or email Thank you.

Paul Wooding