COLUMN: Confident of the right deal for all

Matt Warman.
Matt Warman.

Nobody can pretend that the election produced the result the Conservatives wanted – but now more than ever we need a united government that focuses solely on the task of getting Brexit done.

On Thursday, Parliament assembled for the Queen’s Speech, and for the next two years we will shape the deal that this country gets.

For me that means a deal that sees Britain trading on the friendliest possible terms with our neighbours in Europe, but it is also one that sees us controlling our laws and our borders in a way that simply hasn’t happened for the last 40 years.

We must be prepared to deal with setbacks over the coming years, but ultimately we sit around a negotiating table with political leaders who know that millions of jobs across the EU depend on a good trading relationship with the UK.

That’s why I’m confident the right deal can be achieved.

Locally, of course, Brexit itself was a huge issue during the election campaign, and I was humbled by the result, almost quadrupling my majority.

But I’m acutely conscious that while navigating Brexit the government must also tackle vital improvements to our local NHS services, to the funding of our schools and police and also to local social cohesion.

Just as I did publicly with education funding in the last parliament, I shall shirk no opportunity in private 
or on the floor of the House of Commons to tell ministers when I think Boston and Skegness deserves better.

Matt Warman is MP for Boston and Skegness.