COLUMN: Council leader - It’s up to you to decide who runs your council

Peter Bedford
Peter Bedford

This will be the final leader’s column of this administration, with elections taking place on Thursday, May 7.

The important business of the council will carry on as normal and I will remain as leader until May 7. Your current ward councillors remain your ward councillors up to May 7 and will still be able to deal with any issues you want to raise with them.

It is my hope that I will be returned as leader after May 7 – there is still much work to do to continue to secure important services delivered by Boston Borough Council for the benefit of the borough’s residents.

There will be a period between March 23 and May 7, known as purdah, when the council will be a little quieter than the norm. This is a pre-election period when there are strict controls concerning publicity.

But you can expect to hear plenty from the candidates – the politicians – over the next couple of months, who are not limited by purdah rules in the same way that the council as a whole and its officers are.

Noise from politicians is a good thing – it’s democracy at work. Take a little time to listen and consider and question – the individuals eventually elected will be making decisions over the next four years that will impact on your lives.

And please make sure you are registered to vote. It is vitally important that everyone has their say. You may feel you don’t know enough about politics, but at this local level this is more about the people you most feel make the best case for supporting the borough and taking care of delivering the services that the borough council has responsibility for – from refuse collection, street cleaning and provision of leisure services to planning for housing and economic regeneration, helping provide more affordable homes and assisting in future flood prevention. These are just a few of the responsibilities of the borough council, there are many more. You will make the final decision on who you trust to make best use of the taxes you pay, who you trust to handle a budget of millions of pounds.

You still have until April 20 to register to vote in this election. All households in the borough will have received a letter from the council about being registered to vote. If you are unsure whether you are registered you can go to

You can obtain a paper copy of the registration form by contacting the electoral registration office on 01205 314221.

Written by council leader Peter Bedford