COLUMN: It’s good to see Boston shown in a positive light


It has been refreshing to see Boston make the national news for positive reasons last week.

The ‘Boston bike rack lads’ featured in the press up and down the county and beyond (we particularly enjoyed the pronunciation of Lincolnshire from a US outlet!) and richly deserve their time in the spotlight for doing a good deed.

Their exploits show that it is not true that only ‘bad news sells’ and we were delighted to be the first news outlet to publish their story before it took off in a huge way.

The story follows last week’s front page featuring the story of Tamara Lloyd – the woman who has given up a great deal to care for abandoned animals – and now lives with more than 300 of them at her home.

That story too has had interest from television crews and national media outlets.

Just like the ‘bike rack lads’, Tamara’s is a heartwarming tale, and one that we are proud to share.

At The Standard we see our role as not only being there on your behalf to cover important court hearings and council meetings etc – but also to share the successes of the people of the borough through our pages – whether they be sporting, charitable or incredible good deeds.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we won’t tackle the hard issues as and when they arise.

We’re only too aware of the big serious issues arising from immigration, obesity, traffic, housing, education and more but this week has surely shown that, amid it all, there’s always time to stop and share the funny and heartwarming tales that we all want to hear from Bostonians. Here’s to many more!